CyDrive Solutions: Ransomware

How CyDrive frustrates a ransomware attack, explained in 3 mintues and 55 seconds
Nothing Personal, Just Business
Conventional IT architecture assumes both centralization and that there’s a trusted person who watches over IT assets and ensures their smooth operation. To do this, the admin has access to all the organization’s information. Over the last decade there have been many attacks where admins have gone rogue, stealing, leaking, or destroying an organization’s critical information. CyDrive’s combination of decentralized architecture and encryption creates a true zero-trust environment that cryptographically separates system administration from information management. Admins can administer, but they never have access to your organization’s information.
The Economics of Inconvenience
Ransomware is all about relative inconvenience. Attackers are betting that when faced with a choice of two inconveniences, that is, being separated from your information or being separated from your money, you’d rather be separated from your money. That the consequences of being separated from your information are so significant, long term, damaging, and nearly impossible to recover from, that you'll gladly pay whatever they demand.
Accelerate Recovery, Beat Ransomware
Ransomware attackers need an attack to have a substantial ROI, and that only happens if the level of inconvenience suffered by the victim in recovering from the attack is high enough that payment is the less painful option. CyDrive’s combination of decentralization and continuous backup creates an environment where recovery is fast (minutes!) and painless. As a result, there’s little inconvenience resulting from a ransomware attack, and no need to pay the attacker. The rationale for the attack, ROI, is eliminated. CyDrive makes you resilient to ransomware.

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