CyDrive Solutions: Insider Threat

Insider Threat, explained in 3 mintues and 55 seconds
Malicious Admins? No Problem.
Conventional IT architecture assumes both centralization and that there’s a trusted person who watches over IT assets and ensures their smooth operation. To do this, the admin has access to all the organization’s information. Over the last decade there have been many attacks where admins have gone rogue, stealing, leaking, or destroying an organization’s critical information. CyDrive’s combination of decentralized architecture and encryption creates a true zero-trust environment that cryptographically separates system administration from information management. Admins can administer, but they never have access to your organization’s information.
Insider Threats? Mitigated.
The biggest cyber threat an organization faces might be its own trusted insiders who can alter, delete, or steal the digital assets that give the organization value. CyDrive mitigates these risks across the threat spectrum. There is no concept of general availability in CyDrive; only people with a need to know can access information. CyDrive’s continuous backup and immutable storage ensure that the organization never loses control of its information, and the information never loses integrity, no matter what. CyDrive’s data loss prevention (DLP) features prevent unauthorized removal or copying of information to external devices, frustrating attempts at bulk theft. The result? CyDrive mitigates insider threats.
Negligent or Careless Employees? Managed.
Cybersecurity surveys routinely identify employee carelessness and ignorance as major causes of information loss or exposure. IT can make it easy for people to accidentally change or delete information, or send information inappropriately. CyDrive changes the landscape, making it easy for employees to work with information while at the same time preventing negligence that can harm the organization. Unintentional deletion or modification? No problem! CyDrive’s continuous backup makes recovery of lost information a snap. Email to the wrong person? CyDrive’s secure sharing mechanisms eliminate the potential for information leakage. And the best part? CyDrive makes work easier and faster.

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