The CyDrive Story

Two engineers and a lawyer walked into an office (well, really, it was a bar) and the lawyer shared his tale of woe. He’d just started at a new firm, one without offices and without support staff. It did have many partners though, and most worked from home. While this firm had low overhead and was very successful, it had a glaring weakness.

They used a Cloud-based file management system…that everyone hated. Lawyers lost time learning how to use it. Administrators grumbled at its management overhead. And worst, it didn’t solve issues like data theft, insider threat, and ransomware.

Our two engineers did a thought experiment. The issues weren’t new; they spanned industries and infrastructures, and stemmed from conventional IT and information security mechanisms that focus on protecting hardware and networks instead of valuable data. There had to be a better way.

They thought, what if we could:
  • Replace centralized information management with a robust decentralized file system that’s resilient to attacks like ransomware.
  • Make information confidential, shareable, and trustworthy on creation with strong cryptography.
  • Use familiar user interfaces to reduce learning curves.
  • Give customers complete control and visibility over their data.

Our engineers got to work. They called a Cloud-computer ninja friend to get his thoughts. Even though their idea disrupted traditional networking and Cloud models, he was wildly enthusiastic and wanted in. Then they were three!

They put together a team and developed a prototype. CyLogic, a groundbreaking security technologies company, saw the potential and a partnership was built. The result is a revolutionary new information security platform called CyDrive.

CyLogic and CyDrive have grown into a global team of security experts, architects, engineers, developers and visionaries dedicated to making the world safer, easier, and faster for your business and your employees.

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